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No Light Between Diversity and Free Expression


It is a mistake to say that diversity and free expression cannot coexist. And yet, this academic year, on campus after campus, that has been the choice served up: You are either for diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities, or you are for free expression. The strength of our communities depends upon a commitment to upholding both, perhaps especially when that is hardest to do so.

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¿Relativism is a dangerous word?…¿moral relativism is a bomb?

     This article is an introduction to my future post, I want to write about identities, cultures and moralities…in plural, because they are a lot: personal, familiar, social, cultural, religious, political, ethnical, etc. I remember a text of Ortega y Gasset about this: El tema de nuestro tiempo. Is not a question between relativism or absolutism, if not a question about perspectivism.

     We can see the same thing in diferent positions, and this is the reason that we can think that one between us is mistaken.

     And, in our topic, we need to know that everyone can feel his moral like the unique.

     This article can illuminate that question.

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